The ground floor of the tavern is furnished with pieces from restaurants that were in business between late 1800 and early 1900. The bar, chairs, and tables have been used in Bolagskrog no 7, at Roslagstorg, and in Dambergs klass 3 at David Bagares gata, both long gone. The loft which was before an attic used for storage is now furnished in countryside style.

The building that today houses the tavern was built in 1801 and was used as a manor house. In 1969 it was deconstructed and brought to Skansen where it was rebuilt in 1975, although in a slightly different shape than it's original construction as it is now lacking the mid story.

The farmyard of Stora Gungan was established in 1725 as a leasehold property of Enskede Estate outside the town of Stockholm. It's name, in Swedish meaning "the big sway", derives from the fact that it was built on swampy ground which swayed under the feet when approaching the building. During the 1700s Stora Gungan served as a stage-in on the road between Stockholm and Dalarö further down the coast. At the stage-in you changed horses and consumed refreshing drinks.

One can find pictures, letters and more information in our loft regarding the history of the house. At the end of 1800s and early 1900s the family Sjöholm rented the house and ran a farm. The heirs of the family donated documents and a sofa which originally came from the house. Later on it was a hospital and a retirement home.

Our atmosphere - Skansen's living room

The Bar Room

If you are a part of a big party our bar is often a place where you can get your drink filled up. During á la carte-hours you can order take away food and fika.

The Dining Room

In our smaller dining room you can sit and enjoy a lunch or dinner at our á la carte. The place is also possible to reserve with pre-booked smaller parties. Read more about the interior in our history.

The Loft

At our loft we often serve pre-booked parties, up to 85 persons. You can also find letters and pictures about the history of the house.


Our outdoor service opens at easter every year and are placed in the genuin surroundings of the old Town Quarter.